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realhair's Journal

Folly With Follicles
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If you think cutting your hair at 2am on a Saturday morning after a night out, blind drunk and armed with only a blunt pair of kitchen scissors is a *great idea* then this is the place for you. This ratings free community hopes to create a creative space for the DIY hair enthusiast to share information, tips and photos with others, dedicated to showing off creative endeavours with that beautiful stuff that grows out of your head for free - hair! Just got your hair exactly how you've always wanted? Achieved a particularly fine hairdo for a night out? Post some pics and share your ideas across the livejournal community. Lads and ladies, boys and girls, young and old, blondes, brunettes, redheads and all the colours of the rainbow now is your time to show off your crowning glory.

And now for the science bit:

1: Enthusiastic amateurs only please, so no hairdressers, professional cuts or colours or people touting for business.
2: Clear images and some idea of how you achieved your look would be great.
3: One small image up front, the rest behind an lj-cut tag (check the Livejournal FAQ if you need instructions.
4: No extensions, synthetic hair, fakery or photoshop trickery! Keep it real!
5: No advertisements. Yes, that means for other communities, journals, ebay ads, personal sales, blah blah blah. Any such will be marked as spam.
6: Play nicely :)