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Ninja Eyes
hot_pink_ninja wrote in realhair
Why is it that when you're messing around with no camera, no-one to see and no-where to go, anything you try out with your hair looks fantastic, but as soon as you try to reproduce it for a night out it ends up sticking out at odd angles? Is this some sort of bad hair karma or do I just get far more critical when I know it's gonna been seen by other people?

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odd angled hair is great :)

Ah, but if you were trying for odd angles it would still refuse to play! My main beef is with bunches - faff around alone and they turn out even. Have plans to go somewhere and they always end up lopsided!

Well, that's the Law of global Injustice!
I found out the only sensible way to deal with that)

When you've randomly created a hair-masterpiece, think hard of where your camera could be at the moment, either just GO somewhere !

..there's ALWAYS you can find some place to go (at the mall, backyard (with boys))) whatever)

Satisfaction guaranteed.


At least you spelt it right.

oh god i really do know how you feel, it's happened to me too many times

Happened again last night - 2 clips, 6 bobby pins and some backcombing gave me the barrel-rolled quiffy goth updo to die for. Chances of doing anything similar for a gig on Saturday? Nil . Still gonna attempt it, even though I know I'll be in an aching armed crap-hair strop as the taxi arrives!

Is that the hairdo you're going for these days? The medium-sized 60's hump in the back? If so, then I know exactly the feeling..except maybe for the taxi part, only because the fact that I do not live in a city big enough in this southern state of North Carolina, we usually just use our own transportation or just bum a ride off of someone!

I've never dared attempt anything beehivey - is it as hard as it looks? THIS is actually pretty close, but with the hair from the sides pinned up really scruffily on top to give it a bit of height behind the quiff and the back backcombed, again for more volume. I was going for *big* hair :)

THIS has cheered me up though. I imagine this it what it'll look like if it all goes wrong, and a proper hairdresser got away with that!

very good

I hope, it's OK

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