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Hair Dye - How Long has this stuff been on?
Ninja Eyes
So, how long can you leave a standard hairdye on before your hair starts falling out?

- Only what it says on the packet, no more.
- 10 mins more than stated, just for luck.
- 30 mins more - I want that sucka to stay dyed!
- Until I remember I need to wash it. When did I put it in again?

I'm a 'what it says's on the packet' kinda girl, but I'm never sure if the timings take into account the half hour or so I spend faffing about getting it on neatly, making sure I've not missed a bit and then cleaning all the dye out of my ears.

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Ninja Eyes
Why is it that when you're messing around with no camera, no-one to see and no-where to go, anything you try out with your hair looks fantastic, but as soon as you try to reproduce it for a night out it ends up sticking out at odd angles? Is this some sort of bad hair karma or do I just get far more critical when I know it's gonna been seen by other people?


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